By Ravi Deepres

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Screenshot of GENUS
Copyright: Ravi Deepres

Collection - Genus for the Paris Opera House by Ravi Deepres

The second of two film installations commissioned by The Opera Garnier, Paris, as part of the performance GENUS, choreographed by Wayne McGregor.

The video installations are made from material relating to a conceptual re-interpretation of the inquiries of Charles Darwin. This work is both filmic and choreographic in it's making and presentation and relates to creation and evolution. This is used as a platform to express ideas and remind us of our own evolutionary process and thinking, and of our instictive connection and reaction to the natural world.

The film is created as a cinematic stop motion work, including a remaking through movement of elements from Edweard Muybridge’s photographic collection (with kind permission from Birmingham library photographic archive) and material shot at The Paleantology museum, Paris, and The Darwin Archive-Natural History museum, London.
Commissioned by The Paris Opera House for the performance Genus 2007

Film - Ravi Deepres
(Installation collaboration - Luke Unsworth), (additional collaboration - Evy Dutheil and Karen Perez)
Choreography - Wayne McGregor
Music - Joby Talbot and Deru

Listed in categories: NarrationBody