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Jacob Collier - He Won’t Hold You (feat. Rapsody)"Things rearrange, we miss what is not the same". Animated and hand painted official music video for the song “He Won’t Hold You” by multi Grammy winn...Daniel Bruson
AwkwardAwkward by Nata Metlukh

"A day full of socially awkward moments."

Music and Sound: Daruma Audio
Nata Metlukh

Directed by Cole Kush
Animated by Cole Kush, Christopher Rutledge, Denus Goo, & Laura Pumphrey
Cole Kush
Getting StartedGetting Started by William J Crook

"Feeling frenetic, frustrated, ecstatic, distracted, it's all part of getting started."
William J Crook
Fleshy Compromise_FaltyDLFleshy Compromise_FaltyDL by Thomas PonsThomas PonsPLUS
A Decade of SunA Decade of Sun by NASA Goddard

June 2, 2010 - June 1, 2020
Every second is a day

"As of June 2020, NASA’s Sola...
NASA Goddard
El Mago GeorgesEl Mago Georges by Kati Egely

"We aren't only created with free will, but also with responsibility. The responsibility to listen to our g...
Kati Egely
La mer à boireLa mer à boire by Charlotte AreneCharlotte Arene
Quick FixQuick Fix by Chris O'HaraChris O'Hara
About a Mother (Pro Mamu)About a Mother (Pro Mamu) by Dina Velikovskaya

"This story is about a mother who has given so much that it looks like she has nothing lef...
Dina Velikovskaya
Conception – Why I Won’t Teach My Son ‘Black Codes’Conception – Why I Won’t Teach My Son ‘Black Codes’ by The New York Times

"Her child is just 1, but she knows soon he will be perceived a...
The New York Times
Mécaniques Discursives MuralMécaniques Discursives Mural by Yannick Jacquet

"Installation project by Fred Penelle & Yannick Jacquet

After more than 60 e...
Yannick Jacquet
Dawn ChorusDawn Chorus by Urban Projections

"Dawn Chorus was created deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest during Covid-19 isolation. Urban Projectio...
Urban Projections

"When the sun goes down, terrestrial activity slows down, cools off, and falls asleep. The stars appear in the deep...
Simon Feat
The Redness of RedThe Redness of Red by Emily DownePlus

"What does it mean to be conscious in a world that is becoming increasingly artificially intelligen...
Emily DownePlus
Chez moi/ My HomeChez moi/ My Home by Mai Nguyen

"Court métrage d'animation réalisé par Phuong Mai Nguyen, écrit par Phuong Mai Nguyen et Patricia Valeix...
Mai Nguyen
LINKLINK by robert loebel

Written, Animated & Directed by: Robert Löbel
Sound Design: David Kamp
2D Animation: Robert Löbel, Anne...
robert loebel
Sent AwaySent Away by Rosa Fisher

"Boarding schools can rip children out of their secure, loving homes and deposit them into a cold, unloving inst...
Rosa Fisher
Remote Life DrawingsRemote Life Drawings by Cheng-Hsu Chung

"Remote Life Drawings is an animated collage of abstract images that illustrate the neighbourhood...
Cheng-Hsu Chung

by Anushka Naanayakkara

"Told through the medium of stop motion, two characters, cocooned i...
MediterraneaMediterranea by Alix BortoliAlix Bortoli
Moaning - MisheardMoaning - Misheard by Steve SmithSteve Smith

Music: Max Cooper
Video: Páraic Mc Gloughlin
Páraic Mc Gloughlin
Satellite StrangersSatellite Strangers by James BascaraJames Bascara
Prey_DalPrey_Dal by Dal Park

"Prey is a short story about a love-hate relationship. A young girl in her early twenties is faced with her mothers...
Dal Park

Contexts, viewpoints, visual axes, and changes of perspective

On, you will find hundreds of hand-picked multi-genre art projects in between art, digital art and philosophy. Discover contemporary developments in art that take place within the framework of the ongoing digital transformation of our society, but which are only very rarely seen in the mainstream media. is about contexts, viewpoints, visual axes, and changes of perspective. Depending on the context, your perspective on the specific art project will change. Along the way you can find, coincidentally or serendipitously, other projects that correspond to the chosen artistic, technical, mood, or philosophy-related context you’ve chosen.


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art projects directly in your inbox

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