The Missing Stone

By Yoav David

Listed in categories: NarrationPublic Space
Fits theses moodes: LightPeopleArchitectureSurreal
Embraceds these philosophies: TransformationMagicDeconstruction
Screenshot of The Missing Stone
Copyright: Yoav David

The Missing Stone
by Yoav David & Lior Bentov

"The Missing Stone"* is a story-telling architectural projection performed during the Jerusalem Festival of Lights, June 2011.
As night falls on the market place the Jerusalem building wakes up to life. One man is stranded inside its magic. He is on a search to unravel this mystery, though the bare sight of his own close-up brings him to fear.
What is the missing stone? For us it represents the possibilities of cinematic and theatrical story-telling in the 3d projection mapping world. Exploring them was our aim in this project, and a mile stone for what is yet to come.

Concept: Yoav David & Lior Bentov
Direction: Yoav David
Art direction: Lior Bentov
3D artist: Jonathan Katzman
2D animation: Yoav David
Acting: Yehonathan Porat
Original Music: Alberto Schwartz
Sound design: Aviv Aldema
Equipment: AVS creative visual solutions.
*The original title by the way was "Night Train", but it was actually meant for something else.

Listed in categories: NarrationPublic Space