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Listed in categories: narration
Fits these moods: dynamic red

The Redness of Red

The Redness of Red by Emily DownePlus

"What does it mean to be conscious in a world that is becoming increasingly artificially intelligent? Can machines really see? Based on an interview with a professor in artificial intelligence, this short documentary uses analog techniques to explore the human tendency to anthropomorphise simple drawings, and how we might do the same to machines."


Listed in categories: narration
Used technologies: 3d animation short movie
Fits these moods: city critical dark futuristic
Embraces these philosophies: anonymity change desire freedom labour refusal society work

the untold & unseen

the untold & unseen by Lam Ho Tak

"We work only for eating. We eat only for working. Just like a soulless machine.
Ultimately, are we actually fighting for a better life or fighting for survival in this world?"

Contexts, viewpoints, visual axes
and changes of perspective

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Listed in categories: narration
Fits these moods: alive nature sounds surreal
Embraces these philosophies: change creativity freedom life perspectives time worldview

Le temps de l’arbre (The hours of tree)

Le temps de l’arbre (The hours of tree) by Jeong Dahee

Animation / 2012 / 8min 20sec / Color / 2D painting, Live action / 1.77:1 / No dialogue / Stereo

"I imagined that floating without a sticking place humans want to root like trees, while trees stretch their branches and wave their leaves longing for freedom. As trees undergo a change of hours and seasons
in one place, this film is a form of observing the change by a camera in one place.

Director l Jeong Dahee
Production l École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
Music l Cali Fabien
Sound l Pointillart Valentin, Jeong Dahee, Kim Donghwan
Cast l Kim Sukjung"


Listed in categories: public space
Fits these moods: animals critical people water

Waiting for climate change

Waiting for climate change by Isaac Cordal


Hype Cycle: Smart Matter

Hype Cycle: Smart Matter by
Universal Everything

"Hype Cycle ­is a series of futurist films exploring human-machine collaboration, combining performance and emerging technologies."

Creative Director: Matt Pyke, Mike Hughes
Animation: Joe Street
Sound Designer: Simon Pyke, Freefarm
Senior Producer: Greg Povey
Motion Capture: ­Nick Dulake, Ursula Ankeny (Sheffield Hallam University)
Dancer: Tamar Draper
Choreographer: TC Howard



Arena by Páraic McGloughlin

"A brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground - Arena.

Created using Google Earth imagery.

Pearse McGloughlin and I collaborated on the audio resulting in something between music and a soundtrack.
Audio mastered by TJ LippleHear "


Listed in categories: public space
Used technologies: drawing stopmotion street art
Fits these moods: animals city dynamic music urban

fabric 83 - Joris Voorn, Sam Gainsborough

fabric 83: Joris Voorn
Directed & Animated by Sam Gainsborough


Listed in categories: audiovisual body
Fits these moods: colors music poetic
Embraces these philosophies: art change dreams love obsession

Tulipa Ruiz - TU

Tulipa Ruiz - TU

"Videoclipe da faixa-título "Tu".

Direção: PANAMA
Produção: Panama Filmes
Animação 2D e Stop-motion: Bruno Mazzilli
Direção de Arte: Bruno Mazzilli, Filipe Franco e Thany Sanches
Fotografia: Caio Mazzilli
Montagem: Filipe Franco
Coreografia e Cenografia: Thany Sanches
Maquiagem: Leon Gurfein
Contraregra: Thiago Araújo
Assistente de Produção: Caio Carvalho
Produtor Gráfico e Impressor: Dan de Carvalho
Recorte de papel: Alexandre Teles, Bruno Levorin, Jana Paim, Mariá Portugal, Vica Ginde, Wilson Breda e Panama
Agradecimentos: Fábio Yamaji, Felipe Stoco, Nino Andres, Alexandre Barbosa, Melissa Kawahara, Marina Oruê, Douglas Garcia, Valentina Martelli, Sofie Havskov Jensen, Ione Sanches, Otto, Sofia Ramos, Dr. Luiz Rossetto, Filipe Vaz, Carolina Wegbecher

Produção Executiva: Level Company"

Contexts, viewpoints, visual axes
and changes of perspective

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Contexts, viewpoints, visual axes, and changes of perspective

On, you will find hundreds of hand-picked multi-genre art projects in between art, digital art and philosophy. Discover contemporary developments in art that take place within the framework of the ongoing digital transformation of our society, but which are only very rarely seen in the mainstream media. is about contexts, viewpoints, visual axes, and changes of perspective. Depending on the context, your perspective on the specific art project will change. Along the way you can find, coincidentally or serendipitously, other projects that correspond to the chosen artistic, technical, mood, or philosophy-related context you’ve chosen.


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