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Screenshot of Order from Chaos - Official Video by Maxime Causeret
Copyright: Max Cooper

Max Cooper - Order from Chaos - Official Video by Maxime Causeret

"I'm really excited about this video project, after the first live show it was the part that everyone was asking about - It is a beautiful humanised exploration of life and emergence, by Maxime Causeret. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The idea for this part of the story started on a day when there was really heavy rain hitting the roof window at my old flat. I got out my binaural mics and put my head right up by the window with the big raindrops hitting all around. They made nice individual percussive noises, with great spatial positioning, so I decided to use them to seed a piece of music.

This track is the most explicit representation of the idea of emergence in the album, because the rhythm of the track is created by the raindrops in an emergent manner - I took the audio samples, mapped the transients for the raindrop hits, and then forced the mapped points towards the nearest drumming grid positions. This meant that the random raindrops were pushed into a quantised grid, and the result was that a percussive rhythm emerged, one that I hadn't created myself, but was the closest rhythm to that particular section of rain.…"

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: FractalDarkBlack & WhiteMusic
Embraceds these philosophies: InnovationMagicPlayTechnology
Screenshot of FLORA at the Valley of Confusion
Copyright: Philipp Artus

FLORA at the Valley of Confusion by Philipp Artus

FLORA light installation by Philipp Artus
Music by Jim Cassady & Pablo
Space and vibe by Tal der Verwirrung

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Listed in categories: Body
Screenshot of Virtual Actors in Chinese Opera
Copyright: Tobias Gremmler

Virtual Actors in Chinese Opera by Tobias Gremmler

Created for a theatre production that fuses Chinese Opera with New Media, the virtual actors are inspired by shapes, colors and motions of traditional Chinese costumes and dance. The project made me think of how costumes and fashion could reshape a human body.

Theatre Credits:
Lord Guan Yu on Stage
Scriptwriter: Wang An-qi
Director and Designer: Mathias Woo @ Zuni Icosahedron
Digital Images: Tobias Gremmler
Performed by: GuoGuang Opera Company (Taipei)

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Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: FractalPeopleSoundsBrown
Screenshot of “Pulse Index” at MCA Sydney
Copyright: bitforms gallery

“Pulse Index” at MCA Sydney (2011) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Listed in categories: Interaction
Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: FractalDarkGreySoundsThings
Embraceds these philosophies: AbstractionChangeMorphingRepetitionOddity
Screenshot of RHIZOME - Bande Annonce
Copyright: Boris Labbé

RHIZOME - Bande Annonce - Trailer
by Boris Labbé

"From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, all things in the universe are tightly connected : they interact and restructure in a combination of movements and perpetual metamorphoses."

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Dear World… Yours, Cambridge

By Claude Mossessian

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Embraceds these philosophies: TransformationTechnology
Screenshot of Dear World… Yours, Cambridge
Copyright: Claude Mossessian

Projection Art, Video Mapping: Dear World… Yours, Cambridge by Miguel CHEVALIER

Immersive projection
King's College Chapel, Cambridge, 17th October 2015

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Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: FractalLight
Embraceds these philosophies: LifeTechnology
Screenshot of Algorithmic Menagerie
Copyright: Raven Kwok

Algorithmic Menagerie by Raven Kwok

"Algorithmic Menagerie is a continuation of and the MFA thesis work of my long term research exploring artificial life and self-organization in the field of computer-based generative art. Programmed in Processing, Algorithmic Menagerie is an interactive virtual environment inhabited by algorithmic creatures. These creatures with dynamic cellular structures are created using various methods of finite subdivision on geometric objects, and exhibit different kinds of biological interactions with each other, reaching an equilibrium within the simulated ecosystem. Audience participants are invited to intervene or interact in the life processes."

Listed in categories: Interaction