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Critical Living

By Alex Widdowson

Listed in categories: NarrationBodyOthers
Fits theses moodes: DarkPeopleBlack & WhiteMinimal
Screenshot of Critical Living
Copyright: Alex Widdowson

Critical Living by Alex Widdowson

"Critical Living draws upon the experiences of people involved in the Philadelphia Association therapeutic communities while also addressing some of the major discussion points in the Critical Psychiatry movement.

Critical Psychiatry, formally known as Anti-Psychiatry, has been scrutinising the dominant medical understanding of distress for over 50 years. It’s leading members were a disparate bunch that included R. D. Laing and David Cooper, both disillusioned psychiatrists and co-founders of the Philadelphia Association, as well as the renowned philosopher Michel Foucault, the libertarian Thomas Szasz, and Erving Goffman a sociologist.

Since creating a therapeutic community at Kingsley Hall in 1965, the Philadelphia Association has run more than twenty community houses which have offered asylum and hospitality to people in distress. This work continues at two houses in North London.

The experience of fifty years has shown that personal crises and seemingly inescapable unhappiness may for many people be transformed in households like these. They are places where people can come together to address their difficulties in a situation of shared everyday living."

Listed in categories: NarrationBodyOthers

Satellite Strangers

By James Bascara

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Embraceds these philosophies: ArtCuriosityLifeOddity
Screenshot of Satellite Strangers
Copyright: James Bascara

Satellite Strangers by James Bascara

Listed in categories: Audiovisual

Mon Nom

By Rodrigo Amarante

Listed in categories: NarrationAudiovisual
Fits theses moodes: MusicPoeticColorsMinimalSlow
Embraceds these philosophies: AestheticsThinkingBelieveArtLoveCreativity
Screenshot of Mon Nom
Copyright: Rodrigo Amarante

Mon Nom by Rodrigo Amarante

Listed in categories: NarrationAudiovisual

INTERWORLDS - screengrab

By Boris Chimp 504

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Embraceds these philosophies: AestheticsTravelWorldviewTechnology
Screenshot of INTERWORLDS - screengrab
Copyright: Boris Chimp 504

INTERWORLDS - screengrab by Boris Chimp 504 (Rodrigo Carvalho + Miguel Neto)

"INTERWORLDS is an audiovisual installation where a composition of light, image and sound explores the intersections between a physical space and a virtual one. Therefore the audience can relate to the piece through the relation they build with a moving “audiovisual object”.

InterWorlds aims to make the public reflect on the relationship we currently have between the real and virtual world(s) and how increasingly the latter is present in our lives. InterWorlds can be understood as a portal to and from other worlds, a fine line between the real and the virtual, a synchronicity between this universe and [other] parallel worlds.

Realtime visuals made with VUO, sound on Ableton."

Listed in categories: Audiovisual


By paulina ziolkowska

Listed in categories: NarrationBody
Screenshot of BLESS YOU! / NA ZDROWIE!
Copyright: paulina ziolkowska

BLESS YOU! / NA ZDROWIE! by paulina ziolkowska

"Warning: Contagious! Germs fly around wildly in the hustle and bustle of urban life. You stand next to the wrong nose, and it happens in a flash. You can even get a dose during an innocent flirt with your potential sweetheart. And what happens if you keep on infecting yourself? "

Listed in categories: NarrationBody

Anxious Fruits

By Danski Tang

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Embraceds these philosophies: IronyOddityAnxiety
Screenshot of Anxious Fruits
Copyright: Danski Tang

Anxious Fruits by Danski Tang

"An apple a day keeps anxiety away."

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody

Have Heart

By Will Anderson

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: PoeticColorsMinimal
Screenshot of Have Heart
Copyright: Will Anderson

Have Heart by Will Anderson

"A looping animated GIF has an existential crisis."

Listed in categories: Narration