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By Dal Park

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: MelancholyPeopleBrownOld
Embraceds these philosophies: AmbivalenceLoveWeMemoryChildhoodMorphing
Screenshot of Prey_Dal
Copyright: Dal Park

Prey_Dal by Dal Park

"Prey is a short story about a love-hate relationship. A young girl in her early twenties is faced with her mothers sickness and impending death, which appears in the shape of a black lion."

Listed in categories: Narration
Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: MelancholyPeopleOld
Embraceds these philosophies: ThinkingArtLifeNostalgiaMemory
Screenshot of Close the Shutters
Copyright: Ynon Lan
Listed in categories: Narration


By Hayley Morris

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: MelancholyOceanWaterPoeticOld
Screenshot of Undone
Copyright: Hayley Morris

Undone by Hayley Morris

"A drifting man struggles to pull objects from the roiling sea below him and scrambles to keep the objects from slipping through his fingers. A stop-motion animation using textured and tactile materials, as well as personal imagery, that represents the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Inspired by my grandfather."

Listed in categories: Narration