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Says You

By Amanda Bonaiuto

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Screenshot of Says You
Copyright: Amanda Bonaiuto

Says You by The Luyas

"A wandering woman is swallowed by the blooming desert."

Music by The Luyas
Directed by Amanda Bonaiuto


Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Screenshot of TNGHT - GIMME SUMMN
Copyright: Cole Kush


Directed by Cole Kush ckush.com
Animated by Cole Kush, Christopher Rutledge, Denus Goo, & Laura Pumphrey

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody

Moaning - Misheard

By Steve Smith

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Screenshot of Moaning - Misheard
Copyright: Steve Smith

Moaning - Misheard by Steve Smith

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Fits theses moodes: DarkFuturisticPopMusicDynamic
Screenshot of Max Cooper - Identity - Official Video by Pylik
Copyright: Max Cooper

Max Cooper - Identity - Official Video by Pylik

"Finding our identity amongst the barrage of incoming ideas is a difficult thing. Family, religion, nationality, friends, press, politics, socials, what’s right, wrong, acceptable, reprehensible, cool or not, so many things trying to make us think and behave in a certain way. And often at odds with each other, with us left in the middle of it, trying to figure out who WE are.....

Eugene Pylinsky created a great visual rendering of the idea in parallel, with a digital self bombarded by news, ideals and value judgements in an intense glitching format fitting for the track. It’s been one of my live show highlights because of the intensity Eugene has created visually, and hopefully will make for a nice music video too.

- Max Cooper"

"... The idea of the video is 'Identity'. All of us come under the influence of informational environment around us. It impacts us, shapes us and opens up our personality. We both find and lose ourselves in it.

I was trying to find balance between web and live versions of the video. That’s why I decided to generate strong graphics, like barcode and qr code, in my compositions, with characters melting and disappearing in it. I paid much attention to synchronize the music with graphics to deliver intensity, atmosphere.

Big thanks to Max Cooper who entrust me to create video for his music track 'Identity', and to my friend Roman Scrypchenko for helping me with direction....

- Eugene Pylinsky (Pylik) - Director"

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody


By Peter Burr

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: PeopleCityPopColorsMinimal
Screenshot of DROP CITY
Copyright: Peter Burr

DROP CITY by Peter Burr

"I was there the other day. So weird wandering thru those deserted ripped-off structures that so much love & agony & labor went into building. There were ghosts behind every broken window & half-off-the-hinges door. Sad hippy ghost town with a pile of human shit deposited on the drainboard next to the sink. Too many rats packed into too small a space. I guess we'll go down & scrounge what we can." (Peter Rabbit on Drop City)

By Peter Burr
Music by John Also Bennett
Music: JAB - "Menu Music For Video Game" from the album Erg Herbe (Shelter Press, 2019)
Technical Direction and Artistic Collaboration by Mark Fingerhut
Technical Work and Artistic Collaboration by Oren Shoham

Listed in categories: Audiovisual

Mess Around

By nikodio

Listed in categories: AudiovisualPublic Space
Embraceds these philosophies: MagicChildhoodAdaption
Screenshot of Mess Around
Copyright: nikodio

Mess Around by nikodio

"Colorful spirits go on night out to put the mess in town!"

Listed in categories: AudiovisualPublic Space

Vacationer - Magnetism

By Raman Djafari

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: YellowSurrealPopMusicColorsPink
Screenshot of Vacationer - Magnetism
Copyright: Raman Djafari

Vacationer - Magnetism

directed and animated by Raman Djafari

music by Vacationer:

Listed in categories: Audiovisual