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Satellite Strangers

By James Bascara

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Embraceds these philosophies: ArtCuriosityLifeOddity
Screenshot of Satellite Strangers
Copyright: James Bascara

Satellite Strangers by James Bascara

Listed in categories: Audiovisual

Hovver - Liminal Scope

By Chris Lunney

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: VioletDarkExperimentalMusicSlow
Screenshot of Hovver - Liminal Scope
Copyright: Chris Lunney

Hovver - Liminal Scope

by Chris Lunney and Katherine Brice

"Liminal Scope is an immersive light and sound installation, in which three rings frame the transit of light through space. The audiovisual score enmeshes harmonic frequencies, rhythmic motion, and gradients of color, orchestrating a narrative which navigates tension and release.

Our form of reality is mutually constructed by our perceptions along with their limitations. The installation's rings form an aperture that focuses and reveals a spatial quality of light, which usually remains unseen. Liminal Scope is a meditation on these perceptual limitations as they relate to our shared and individual perspectives on reality."

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Listed in categories: InteractionPublic Space
Fits theses moodes: VioletLightFor Kids
Embraceds these philosophies: Curiosity
Screenshot of Sonic Light Bubble
Copyright: ENESS

ENESS Sonic Light Bubble White Night Melbourne 2017


Listed in categories: InteractionPublic Space


By Anna Leterq

Listed in categories: Narration
Used technologies: PhilosophyVideo Animation
Fits theses moodes: VioletSoundsPoetic
Embraceds these philosophies: LabourFreedomSocietyRulesWorkResistance
Screenshot of Métronome
Copyright: Anna Leterq

Métronome by Anna Leterq

Music by Rémi Subjobert

"Plongé dans la routine cacophonique du travail, un homme parvient à s'en échapper en composant sa musique du quotidien."

Listed in categories: Narration
Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: VioletPeopleSlow
Embraceds these philosophies: AestheticsArtPlayTechnologyMorphingIdentity
Screenshot of Daniel Rozin, “Time Scan,” 2004
Copyright: bitforms gallery

Daniel Rozin, “Time Scan,” 2004

Filmed and edited by Victoria Sendra.

Listed in categories: Interaction

Quartet for the End of Time


Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Used technologies: 3D AnimationVirtual Reality
Embraceds these philosophies: AestheticsCuriosityPerspectivesTechnology
Screenshot of Quartet for the End of Time

Quartet for the End of Time/The Crystal Liturgy

Animation/Direction: Simon Russell/Vicarage Studio
Commission: Emma Bharj/Sinifini Music
Sound Design: Redhorse Studio
With special thanks to Marcus du Sautoy

Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen
Performed by Claude Desurmont (clarinet)
Luben Yordanoff (violin)
Albert Tétard (cello)
Daniel Barenboim (piano)
© 2015 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin

Listed in categories: Audiovisual


By Thomas Ebert

Listed in categories: Interaction
Embraceds these philosophies: ArtPlayTechnology
Screenshot of Resonate
Copyright: Thomas Ebert

Resonate - interactive light & sound installation.

The 40 meter long interior of a container boat becomes a box for light and sound. LED illuminated lines influences the sound interactively.

Resonate is a project of Master´s programm "Komunikation im Raum" FH Mainz, Germany and the Master´s programm "Klangkunst-Komposition" HFM Mainz for Luminale 2012. Web: Video: Thomas Ebert (www.ebert, Thomas Toth

Listed in categories: Interaction