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Screenshot of Planktonium - SHORT VERSION
Copyright: Jan van IJken

Planktonium by Jan van IJken

"... Planktonium is a short film by Jan van IJken about the unseen world of living microscopic plankton. It is a voyage into a secret universe, inhabited by alien-like creatures. These stunningly beautiful, very diverse and numerous organisms are unknown to most of us because they are invisible to the naked eye. However, they are wandering beneath the surface of all waters around us and they are of vital importance for all life on earth.

Jan van IJken filmed the plankton through his microscopes, revealing the beauty and delicate structures of the minute organisms in the finest detail. The film is without any voice-over or explanation.

Renowned Norwegian artist Jana Winderen made a sound composition for the film. She is recording audio environments and creatures which are hard for humans to access, both physically and aurally – deep under water, inside ice or in frequency ranges inaudible to the human ear.

Phytoplankton (small plant-like cells) are producing half of all oxygen on earth by photosynthesis, like plants and trees do on land. Zooplankton are forming the base of the food chain of aquatic life. Plankton are also playing an important part in the global carbon cycle. The plankton are threatened by climate change, global warming and acidification of the oceans. ..."

Filmed, directed and produced by Jan van IJken
Sound composition by Jana Winderen
Edited by Jan van IJken and Metje Postma

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Novo Amor - Birthplace

By Studio Birthplace

Listed in categories: NarrationBodyOthers
Screenshot of Novo Amor - Birthplace
Copyright: Studio Birthplace

Novo Amor - Birthplace by Studio Birthplace

"Birthplace tells the symbolic story of a man arriving on a perfect earth, who encounters his nemesis in the form of ocean trash."

Directed & Written by Sil van der Woerd & Jorik Dozy

Don't miss to watch the Making-of: https://vimeo.com/276623191

More info: novoamor.co.uk/birthplace

Produced by Sean Lin, New Frontier Pictures
Line Producer: Bayu Topan
Cast: Michael Board
Cinematography by Nihal Friedel
Art Director by Dalbo Suarimbawa
Supported by Zen Freediving

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Listed in categories: Public Space
Fits theses moodes: AnimalsPeopleWaterCritical
Screenshot of Waiting for climate change
Copyright: Isaac Cordal

Waiting for climate change by Isaac Cordal

Listed in categories: Public Space
Listed in categories: Public Space
Embraceds these philosophies: SocietyArtThe PublicMagicPlay
Screenshot of Art to Architecture to Art Clip
Copyright: Spirit of Space

Art to Architecture to Art Clip
by Spirit of Space

Listed in categories: Public Space

Narcose à l’azote

By Rosalie Benevello

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: OceanWaterPoetic
Embraceds these philosophies: TravelChangeCuriosity
Screenshot of Narcose à l’azote
Copyright: Rosalie Benevello

Narcose à l’azote
(Nitrogen narcosis) ENG
by Rosalie Benevello

"During a diving in sea water, a diver will undergo a nitrogen narcosis."

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Strange Fish

By Steven Subotnick

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: WhiteOceanSoundsWater
Embraceds these philosophies: TransformationCuriosityDeconstructionOddity
Screenshot of Strange Fish
Copyright: Steven Subotnick

Strange Fish by Steven Subotnick

"the blindness of evolution"

Listed in categories: Audiovisual

sleep with the fishes

By Belle Mellor

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: BlueOceanSurrealMusicWater
Screenshot of sleep with the fishes
Copyright: Belle Mellor

sleep with the fishes by Belle Mellor

song: The Tiger Lillies

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