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Life Forms - a tribute to the scientist and artist Ernst Haeckel


Life Forms - a tribute to the scientist and artist Ernst Haeckel. Direction : Thomas Lelouch / Antoine Presles. Music : Yom and Wang Li " rings ", from "Green Apocalypse"



"I" by Isabela Dos Santos

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Cineson - Robots Like You by 0981. A robot remembers a past time when he used to take care of a child...

Timbre Variable


Timbre Variable by Nico Parlevliet. A group inflatables, each one produce a chord of three tones...

Subway Stories


"Subway Stories” by Alon Chitayat & Jeff Ong is an interactive subway simulator exploring the inner-lives of commuters in New York City.

On The Water


On The Water by by Yi Zhao

Une Mission Ephemere


Piotr Kamler - Une Mission Ephemere 1993

"Kamler's animated cinema suggests a singular variety of science fiction. Completely unalike to more conventionally linear and text-based narratives, Kamler's films instead explore a series of dynamic visual motifs. Typically, the conclusion of these films is less suggestive of resolution, than it is of recurring episode."



Trinity Trailer by Oscar Sol (Electronic Performers).

Trinity is a dance performance with high levels of real time interaction and close relationship between: dance, sound and visuals.

  • Listed in categories: body

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