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Fragments by Gianni Stiletto, Thomas Wagner, Ahmed Tolba



Cineson - Robots Like You by 0981. A robot remembers a past time when he used to take care of a child...

Subway Stories


"Subway Stories” by Alon Chitayat & Jeff Ong is an interactive subway simulator exploring the inner-lives of commuters in New York City.

B/SIDE - Interactive digital artwork for the City of Braga


B/SIDE - Interactive digital artwork for the City of Braga by João Martinho Moura

Interactive Window Projection


Interactive Window Projection by NuFormer. Zierikzee, Netherlands - June 2013

This projection technology transforms any (shopping) window into a huge video screen. Moving objects and people in front of the screen are tracked to create exciting interaction. All content can be custom-made for any product, project and purpose.



EncuadrArte by Pedro Deltell

BI-MA Interactive Installation for the Artdemossa. TorpeDeArte Collective.

El 24 de Julio en el Artdemossa durante las fiestas de Valdemossa Oigovisiones Team montó una fiesta-pipote con 5 proyectores reciclados, un par de cámaras, 8 ordenadores y una triplehead2go. ¡Este es el resultado!



Interactive Installation by Stefanie Greimel - Elektropastete

Presented at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin

Aarhus by Light


Aarhus by Light.

"Concert Hall Aarhus, one of the largest in Europe, was home for a new interactive media facade that invited guests and passers-by to encounter and partake in a new dimension of the renowned cultural institution.
Aarhus by Light was active in the months of February and March, 2008. The project has now ended, but the idea of using of media facades to enrich Concert Hall Aarhus, as well as the rest of Aarhus, lives on. We maintain this website to offer information in the project.
Aarhus by Light is a groundbreaking experiment in media facades. The project is a collaboration between Concert Hall Aarhus, Martin Professional A/S, CAVI at the University of Aarhus, and Wall of Pixels."

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On, you will find hundreds of hand-picked multi-genre art projects in between art, digital art and philosophy. Discover contemporary developments in art that take place within the framework of the ongoing digital transformation of our society, but which are only very rarely seen in the mainstream media. is about contexts, viewpoints, visual axes, and changes of perspective. Depending on the context, your perspective on the specific art project will change. Along the way you can find, coincidentally or serendipitously, other projects that correspond to the chosen artistic, technical, mood, or philosophy-related context you’ve chosen.


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