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After Ghostcatching


Excerpts from 3D installation of After Ghostcatching by OpenEndedGroup with Bill T. Jones (2010).

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Lichtklangphonogramm by Melissa Cruz Garcia, Aleks Kolkowski , Matteo Marangoni, Anne Wellmer

An exhibition of historical and re-invented optical and mechanical sound machines from the era of the wax cylinder phonograph.

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Wave Interference 1


Wave Interference 1 by Robyn Moody.

Presentated at Eastern Bloc, Montréal, QC, Canada, as part of the Sight & Sound Festival, 2012.



EncuadrArte by Pedro Deltell

BI-MA Interactive Installation for the Artdemossa. TorpeDeArte Collective.

El 24 de Julio en el Artdemossa durante las fiestas de Valdemossa Oigovisiones Team montó una fiesta-pipote con 5 proyectores reciclados, un par de cámaras, 8 ordenadores y una triplehead2go. ¡Este es el resultado!

Stifters Dinge


Heiner Goebbels: Stifters Dinge

...Stifters Dinge – The Unguided Tour, in which the visitor has complete freedom to explore the huge machine with its stones, metal, pianos, water reservoirs, rain, fog, ice and hidden voices. Everyone can follow his/ her instincts on entering and choose when to leave and when to return; and to observe the decelerated motion of things (›Dinge‹) with access from all sides...

Production by Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne E.T.E. in Coproduction with Ruhrtriennale. In Corealisation with Artangel London.

Film by/(c) O PRODUCTION

a plaything for the great observers at rest


a plaything for the great observers at rest by Norimichi Hirakawa.

Seeing & Knowing


Seeing & Knowing by Ana Catharina Marques, Umesh Janardhanan, and Drew Stock at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

"To stay in or go out? Things certainly seem more defined out there, but does higher resolution always equal improvement? The Wachowski Brothers spent three installments of The Matrix meditating on this, the problem of Plato's Cave. We invite you to probe further with Seeing & Knowing.
This project is an interactive installation written in Processing and powered by Microsoft Kinect."

Graphics Speak Exhibition


Graphics Speak Exhibition by Weng-Nam Yap

"‘Graphics Speak’ is about translating visual elements to sound, as it consists of a collection of patterns that can be turned into audible experience. Each archetype has its own harmonious composition made by mixing them on a turntable. The installation is contextualized within a darkroom, by broadcasting live video recording of the graphics on an analog television, where the transmitted electromagnetic waves are translated into sound through using a sensor. Therefore in this case, what you hear is what you see. In the exhibition, it also contains the process and various experiments of visualizing sound and vice versa."

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