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oscillating continuum




disrupt!on sound/visual installation designed by julien bayle and curated by François Larini & the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.




"My graduation film at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design.
And this year (2013) it is displayed at the Annecy Festival and the Cannes short Film corner Festival.

You are welcome to watch.

The film is a subjective interpretation of the utopian novel, 'Altneuland' writen by Theodor Herzl. By using a surrealist allegory, the film tries to deal with the collapse of Herzl's dream and seeks to emphasize the sense of absurdity and instability..."

Urban Echo


Urban Echo by Christopher Baker, presented @ Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007

Urban Echo is an ongoing series of interactive sound and video installations. The project has appeared in many forms ranging from intimate outdoor video sculptures to large interactive public façades. Urban Echo aims to collect and creatively represent the
thoughts and imaginings of city-dwellers.
In each installation, participants send their thoughts and questions via SMS and voicemail. The responses are then projected and added to a dynamic spatialized audio composition.

Music: J. Anthony Allen
Concept: Christopher Baker

Diese Körper, diese Spielverderber / Liquid Loft


Diese Körper, diese Spielverderber.

Choreography/idea: Chris Haring
Performer: Stephanie Cumming, Christ Haring
Sound: Glim
Video: Oliver Bokan
Scenery/Light: Thomas J. Jelinek

A Performance by Liquid Loft
ImpulsTanzFestival, Vienna, 2004

Diese Körper, diese Spielverderber / Liquid Loft / Chris Haring

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ARFITICIAL (2013) - extending the pixels by João Martinho Moura.

"Minimal audio-visual generative sculpture. Custom algotithmic sound pattern creation. Curated by Ângela Berlinde for the gnration art platform. Inspired by the traditional form of pattern creation in drum machines in the 80's like the legendary TR808, one of the first programmable form of sound pattern creation."

Presented at GNRATION Braga, Portugal : 1st to 5th May 2013

Presence 1.1


Presence 1.1 by Universal Everything and You

"...These life-size abstract forms have been created by motion captured performances of dancers Julia Eichten and Nathan Makolandra from Benjamin Millepied’s LA Dance Project..."

25 prepared dc-motors


25 prepared dc-motors, filler wire 1.0mm Zimoun 2010:

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