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'grand' - Bearings Glocken music collections #5 by Kawase Kohske

"BEARINGS GLOCKEN is a musical instrument that automatically performs a glockenspiel using steel ball for bearings... for millions of smiles."

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Lichtklangphonogramm by Melissa Cruz Garcia, Aleks Kolkowski , Matteo Marangoni, Anne Wellmer

An exhibition of historical and re-invented optical and mechanical sound machines from the era of the wax cylinder phonograph.

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Instant Paintings #3


Instant Paintings #3 by Marco Cadioli

Google Earth transformed in an Instant Paintings Generator.

Instant Paintings is part of the project "Abstract Journeys", where the popular software Google Earth is used to do something different from his original goal of 3d World representation. In a long series of jumps the surfaces of the earth, seen from above in a perfect azimuthal view, generate instant paintings.

Marco Cadioli, 2012 - 5'20" (HD 720)

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Memorandum - זכרון דברים by Itamar Inbar

"Memories parts on broken glass.
Scattered coarse as accidental pieces.
As incomplete memories - always partial.
Fragile and crisp, delicate though dangerous.
Pieces of puzzle that wont be complete.
Layers on Layers round and round.
Floating outside & inside the mind."

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Plumb by Caleb Wood. A continuous vertical freehand digression.

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black mirror


"black mirror" by Robert Seidel

The title "Black Mirror" refers to the dark mirror used in the 18th century for landscape painting, also called Claude

Black Mirror – A New Installation and Moving Paintings
1st US Solo Show of Robert Seidel Young Projects, Space B210, Los Angeles
March 22nd to August 20th 2011
Projection on Paper Sculptures in front of a Mirror
Sculpture #1: 1,6 x 1,2 x 0,8 m (shown)
Sculpture #2: 2,1m x 0,8 x 0,9 m
USA / Germany 2011

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Rotation/Notation by Karl Salzmann.

A short video documentation of the Sound-Installation "Rotation/Notation" (2012) @ Galerie 12-14, Schleifmühlgasse, Vienna.

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Sonumbra by Loop.pH

Imagine an outsize parasol planted in an African village. By day, it offers shelter from the sun: by night, it sheds light for the local community using the energy collected in solar cells embedded in its canopy. It's clever, it explores a new role for textiles, and it shows concern for the planet. In short: an eco-friendly solution to a pernicious modern problem.

Prototype designed and fabricated by Loop.pH 2008.
First exhibited at MoMA 2008.

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