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Anxious Fruits

By Danski Tang

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Embraceds these philosophies: IronyOddityAnxiety
Screenshot of Anxious Fruits
Copyright: Danski Tang

Anxious Fruits by Danski Tang

"An apple a day keeps anxiety away."

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: UrbanPeopleSoundsPoetic
Embraceds these philosophies: MemoryChildhoodAnxiety
Screenshot of The Remedy 健憶舒心茶
Copyright: Zilai Feng

The Remedy 健憶舒心茶
by Zilai Feng

"A Chinese herbal doctor trying to heal herself from sickness by making a soup of memory. "

Listed in categories: Narration


By Miguel Jiron

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: RuralAnimalsColors
Embraceds these philosophies: CourageTravelAnxiety
Screenshot of LA-GAR-TO
Copyright: Miguel Jiron

LA-GAR-TO by Miguel Jiron

"Traveling to Nicaragua with his family, a young boy finds the world a weirder, scarier, and more difficult place. And filled, stuffed, and absolutely teeming with iguanas."

SOUND DESIGN: Owen Granich-Young
BOY: Gabriela & Daniel Jiron

Listed in categories: Narration