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By Gerhard Funk

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: ContemporaryMusicDynamicAlive
Screenshot of Fruit
Copyright: Gerhard Funk

Fruit by Gerhard Funk

"Rise into being, mature, perish – 'Fruit' tells a creation story.
As the animated short film unfolds, it brings forth a play of shapes illustrating the dialog between two mythological forces – the West and the East."

Music by Tobias Schneider
Character design by Paul Muresan & Gerhard Funk

Listed in categories: Audiovisual

The Fishman

By Leto S. Meade

Listed in categories: NarrationAudiovisual
Screenshot of The Fishman
Copyright: Leto S. Meade

The Fishman by Leto S. Meade

"The journey of a dying fish’s last moments. 'The Fishman' formally embodies the transitory, shapeshifting nature of life and the inevitability of change by plunging its disembodied anthropomorphic protagonist between different mediums and styles."

Listed in categories: NarrationAudiovisual

Sea You

By Ben Brand

Listed in categories: Narration
Screenshot of Sea You
Copyright: Ben Brand

Sea You by Ben Brand

"Would you feel it? Would you know it? Travel back in time and sea for yourself...
When my girlfriend told me the story of her family spreading her deceased grandmothers ash over the sea (like a lot of people around the world do) i started wondering what actually happens to all that ash ..."

Listed in categories: Narration

Negative Space

By Tiny Inventions

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: PoeticAliveThings
Screenshot of Negative Space
Copyright: Tiny Inventions

Negative Space by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata

"Based on a 150-word poem by Ron Koertge, “Negative Space" is a short animated film that depicts a father-and-son relationship through the art of packing a suitcase."

Making of video:

Listed in categories: Narration

As long as it takes

By Vossenfilms

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: MelancholySadPoetic
Embraceds these philosophies: HumanityDeathLifeTransiencyTechnologyMourning
Screenshot of As long as it takes
Copyright: Vossenfilms

As long as it takes by Lotte van Gaalen and Wiep Teeuwisse

"A man lost in thought re-experiences the confusion he felt when his mother's deathbed took an unexpected turn."

Listed in categories: Narration


By ninagantz

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: MelancholyBlack & White
Embraceds these philosophies: LoveDeathPastMourning
Screenshot of ZALIGER
Copyright: ninagantz

ZALIGER by Nina Gantz

"A widower is facing the difficulties of being alone"

Listed in categories: Narration

Cargo Cult

By bastiendubois

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: GreenRuralForestSoundsPoetic
Screenshot of Cargo Cult
Copyright: bastiendubois

Cargo Cult
by bastiendubois

Listed in categories: Narration