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By Gabriella Marsh

Listed in categories: Narration
Screenshot of Solos
Copyright: Gabriella Marsh

Solos by Gabriella Marsh

"A short animated film that documents the happenings in a single square in Barcelona, la Plaça de la Virreina."

Directed, animated and script by Gabriella Marsh.
Sound design, foley and BEAUTIFUL original music by Joe Bush
Animation assistance by INCREDIBLE Sanjana Chandrasekhar
AMAZING sound mix by Tatiana Sanches

Listed in categories: Narration

Dawn Chorus

By Urban Projections

Listed in categories: Public Space
Fits theses moodes: ForestAnimalsColorsAlive
Embraceds these philosophies: CreativityPerspectivesEnjoymentOddity
Screenshot of Dawn Chorus
Copyright: Urban Projections

Dawn Chorus by Urban Projections

"Dawn Chorus was created deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest during Covid-19 isolation. Urban Projections and Fabric Lenny collaborated remotely, in a process of play and experimentation. All characters were projected live in their environments with pico projection systems, no post production, with accompanying audio soundscapes captured in the woodland."

Listed in categories: Public Space


By Anna Engerström

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBodyPublic Space
Fits theses moodes: UrbanPeopleCity
Embraceds these philosophies: AestheticsFreedomArtBeautyEnjoyment
Screenshot of Boomerang
Copyright: Anna Engerström


Danced by Anna Engerström and Santeena Reid.
Director, Choreographer and editor: Anna Engerström.
Music: Jidenna
Filmed by Ben Marshall.

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBodyPublic Space


By Evelyn Jane Ross

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Used technologies: SoundVideo AnimationDrawing
Fits theses moodes: ColorsJoyfulMinimal
Embraceds these philosophies: IronySimplicityRepetitionEnjoyment
Screenshot of Looped
Copyright: Evelyn Jane Ross

Looped by Evelyn Jane Ross

"Keeping calm...."

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Listed in categories: InteractionPublic Space
Fits theses moodes: GreenLightDark
Embraceds these philosophies: TechnologyRepetitionEnjoyment
Screenshot of WINDLICHT by Roosegaarde [OFFICIAL MOVIE]
Copyright: Studio Roosegaarde

WINDLICHT by Roosegaarde

"WINDLICHT ... shows the beauty of green energy by connecting windmill blades with lines of light. Special software and tracking technology detect the windmill blades rotating at 280 kilometres per hour. Visitors can tune into radio canal WINDLICHT FM 105.3 FM to hear the stories behind the artwork. WINDLICHT creates the missing link between the Dutch and the beauty of our new landscape."


Listed in categories: InteractionPublic Space

Moving Dallas

By Moving Cities Project

Listed in categories: Body
Used technologies: DanceMusic VideoVideo
Fits theses moodes: PeopleCityBlack & WhiteMusic
Screenshot of Moving Dallas
Copyright: Moving Cities Project

Moving Dallas by Moving Cities Project

"...Combining competing images of the Lone Star State, Moving Dallas brings together the best dance institutions the city has to offer. From the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to world-class ballet, contemporary and folklorico. All set against a glassy dream, packed with early 20th century Art Deco...."

Listed in categories: Body