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Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: FunnyUrbanPeopleBrownAlive
Embraceds these philosophies: The Human BeingRomanceWeCuriosityLife
Screenshot of Ni vu ni connu (this stays between us)
Copyright: Léon Moh-Cah

Ni vu ni connu (this stays between us) by Léon Moh-Cah

"As a consequence of a tiny accident, a butterfly effect reveals the not-so-secret-life of a building that could be facing yours."

Listed in categories: Narration
Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Used technologies: Music VideoPaintingDrawing
Fits theses moodes: MelancholyMusicPoetic
Embraceds these philosophies: JealousyLoveRomanceCreativitySimplicity
Screenshot of Jacob Perlmutter - Meanwhile In Rio
Copyright: George Wheeler

Jacob Perlmutter - Meanwhile In Rio by George Wheeler

"Directed by George Wheeler
Written by Jacob Perlmutter and George Wheeler

An Oil Pastel animation I made for Jacob's song.

Every frame is drawn on white paper, then inverted in post. This was so that I could get bright colours on a black background without too much compositing."

Listed in categories: Audiovisual


By Reka Bucsi

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: AnimalsSurrealPoeticNature
Embraceds these philosophies: LoveRomanceUniverseCuriositySymbiosisDesire
Screenshot of Love
Copyright: Reka Bucsi

Love by Reka Bucsi

"LOVE is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system."

Listed in categories: Narration

Once Upon a Line

By Alicja Jasina

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: Black & WhiteMinimal
Screenshot of Once Upon a Line
Copyright: Alicja Jasina

Once Upon a Line by Alicja Jasina

Directed by Alicja Jasina
Music by Aaron Gilmartin
Sound by Katie Gately
Produced at University of Southern California

Listed in categories: Audiovisual

Through You

By il Luster

Listed in categories: NarrationBody
Fits theses moodes: UrbanPeoplePoeticColors
Embraceds these philosophies: AbstractionJealousyLoveRomanceLifeMorphing
Screenshot of Through You
Copyright: il Luster

Through You by Lucette Braune

Listed in categories: NarrationBody
Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: FunnyMusicPoeticColorsThings
Embraceds these philosophies: LoveRomanceCuriosityAmbiguity
Screenshot of This is LOVE
Copyright: RAY

This is LOVE by Lei Lei and Li Xingyu

Animation: Lei Lei
Music: Li Xingyu

Listed in categories: Narration
Listed in categories: Narration
Embraceds these philosophies: EmotionsQuestionsLoveRomance
Screenshot of "This is Not a Time to Lie"
Copyright: RAY

"This is Not a Time to Lie" by Lei Lei.

"The young Chinese animator also known as “Ray” Lei crafts a hallucinatory short that follows a doe-eyed protagonist on a quest through an imagined world."

Animation: Lei Lei
Music: Li Xingyu
Rapper: J-fever

Listed in categories: Narration