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The Fishman

By Leto S. Meade

Listed in categories: NarrationAudiovisual
Screenshot of The Fishman
Copyright: Leto S. Meade

The Fishman by Leto S. Meade

"The journey of a dying fish’s last moments. 'The Fishman' formally embodies the transitory, shapeshifting nature of life and the inevitability of change by plunging its disembodied anthropomorphic protagonist between different mediums and styles."

Listed in categories: NarrationAudiovisual

FJAAK - Snow

By Raman Djafari

Listed in categories: Narration
Screenshot of FJAAK - Snow
Copyright: Raman Djafari

FJAAK - Snow

directed and animated by Raman Djafari
music by FJAAK

"The video tells the story of a character following an inner calling. He meets his companion and she takes him on a spiritual journey of partnership, love, pain, destruction, growth and rebirth."

Listed in categories: Narration

As long as it takes

By Vossenfilms

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: MelancholySadPoetic
Embraceds these philosophies: HumanityDeathLifeTransiencyTechnologyMourning
Screenshot of As long as it takes
Copyright: Vossenfilms

As long as it takes by Lotte van Gaalen and Wiep Teeuwisse

"A man lost in thought re-experiences the confusion he felt when his mother's deathbed took an unexpected turn."

Listed in categories: Narration


By Fela & Etienne

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: Black & WhiteSoundsSurreal
Screenshot of Hypertrain
Copyright: Fela & Etienne

Hypertrain by Etienne Kompis and Fela Bellotto,

"On a train trip through spatial and temporal dimensions the traveller suddenly comes across himself. #cat"

Listed in categories: Narration
Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Fits theses moodes: UrbanPeopleMusic
Screenshot of YELLO Frautonium Warehouse
Copyright: Dirk Koy

YELLO Frautonium Warehouse by Dirk Koy

Music: Yello,
Mix: Andrew Weatherall

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody

In Other Words

By Tal Kantor

Listed in categories: Narration
Embraceds these philosophies: LoveWeMemorySeniorityTransiency
Screenshot of In Other Words
Copyright: Tal Kantor
Listed in categories: Narration
Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: MelancholyMusicBrown
Embraceds these philosophies: The Human BeingWeLifeTransiency
Screenshot of Porzellan / Porcelain - Joe Madog // Cité NOIR
Copyright: Cité Noir

Porzellan / Porcelain - Joe Madog // Cité NOIR

by Cité Noir

"Music by Joe Madog & The Trommelfellas // Visuals by CitéNOIR //

This animation film is a visualization of a song by Joe Madog, called "Porcelain". It deals with the theme of ephemerality and longing.
It's about the fragile things we hold precious,
trying to hold on to, but who will inevitably fade away,
vanish or break like porcelain.
The animation was pencilled on paper on a lighttable and then inked with brush and a light black ink and some gray inkwash, then arranged in a videosequencer frame by frame."

Listed in categories: Narration