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Ni vu ni connu (this stays between us)


Ni vu ni connu (this stays between us) by Léon Moh-Cah

"As a consequence of a tiny accident, a butterfly effect reveals the not-so-secret-life of a building that could be facing yours."

Jacob Perlmutter - Meanwhile In Rio


Jacob Perlmutter - Meanwhile In Rio by George Wheeler

"Directed by George Wheeler
Written by Jacob Perlmutter and George Wheeler

An Oil Pastel animation I made for Jacob's song.

Every frame is drawn on white paper, then inverted in post. This was so that I could get bright colours on a black background without too much compositing."



Love by Reka Bucsi

"LOVE is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system."

Once Upon a Line


Once Upon a Line by Alicja Jasina

Directed by Alicja Jasina
Music by Aaron Gilmartin
Sound by Katie Gately
Produced at University of Southern California

Through You


Through You by Lucette Braune

This is LOVE


This is LOVE by Lei Lei and Li Xingyu

Animation: Lei Lei
Music: Li Xingyu

"This is Not a Time to Lie"


"This is Not a Time to Lie" by Lei Lei.

"The young Chinese animator also known as “Ray” Lei crafts a hallucinatory short that follows a doe-eyed protagonist on a quest through an imagined world."

Animation: Lei Lei
Music: Li Xingyu
Rapper: J-fever

Kubiot (cubes)


Kubiot (cubes)
by Yoav David, Lior Bentov and Yehontan Porat

Kubiot is a media art installation performed in the Acco Theater Festival 2011.

Concept: Yoav David, Lior Bentov and Yehontan Porat -
Direction: Yoav David
Art director: Lior Bentov
Acting: Yehonatan Porat, Yael Finkel
Original Music: Alberto Schwartz
Sound Design:
Binya Reches
Set Construction: Yaacov Gal
Compositing: Adam Lewinson

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