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Dawn Chorus

By Urban Projections

Listed in categories: Public Space
Fits theses moodes: ForestAnimalsColorsAlive
Embraceds these philosophies: CreativityPerspectivesEnjoymentOddity
Screenshot of Dawn Chorus
Copyright: Urban Projections

Dawn Chorus by Urban Projections

"Dawn Chorus was created deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest during Covid-19 isolation. Urban Projections and Fabric Lenny collaborated remotely, in a process of play and experimentation. All characters were projected live in their environments with pico projection systems, no post production, with accompanying audio soundscapes captured in the woodland."

Listed in categories: Public Space


By Peter Paul Longno

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Embraceds these philosophies: AestheticsEmotionsCraftPerspectivesTechnology
Screenshot of PARALLAX
Copyright: Peter Paul Longno

PARALLAX (A Sony RX0 Film)
by Philip Edsel

"Photographer and director Philip Edsel was commissioned by Sony to create a motion piece that put their all-new RX0 camera through it’s paces. "

Listed in categories: AudiovisualBody
Listed in categories: Interaction
Screenshot of Robotic Electronic Music [SHOWREEL LIVE]
Copyright: Moritz Simon Geist

Robotic Electronic Music [SHOWREEL LIVE]

by Moritz Simon Geist

Listed in categories: Interaction

Soft Manipulator

By Moritz Simon geist

Listed in categories: Interaction
Screenshot of Soft Manipulator
Copyright: Moritz Simon geist

Soft Manipulator by Moritz Simon Geist

"A playful interactive installation where the audience experiments with rhythms, mechanics and objects. Everyday items like glasses, pots, as well as small music instruments are placed on a light plattform. Seven robotic mechanic devices can be manipulated interactively by the audience, manipulating the sound of the objects. The six robotic mechanics beat the objects, creating a constantly changing polyrhytmic web of sound and rhythm."

Listed in categories: Interaction

BEAT by Or Bar-El

By or bar-el

Listed in categories: Narration
Screenshot of BEAT by Or Bar-El
Copyright: or bar-el

BEAT by Or Bar-El

Listed in categories: Narration

Legal Errorist

By marliespucher

Listed in categories: Body
Embraceds these philosophies: The Human BeingCraftIronyArtObsession
Screenshot of Legal Errorist
Copyright: marliespucher

Legal Errorist / Liquid Loft by Chris Haring.

Choreography/Idea: Chris Haring
Dance: Stephanie Cumming
Sound: Glim

Listed in categories: Body