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Listed in categories: Interaction
Screenshot of Robotic Electronic Music [SHOWREEL LIVE]
Copyright: Moritz Simon Geist

Robotic Electronic Music [SHOWREEL LIVE]

by Moritz Simon Geist

Listed in categories: Interaction

Musica Universalis

By United Visual Artists

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Fits theses moodes: LightDarkMinimalThingsSlow
Screenshot of Musica Universalis
Copyright: United Visual Artists

Musica Universalis by United Visual Artists

Sound design by Ben Kreukniet

"... During the 1st century BC, mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras discovered a series of relationships between geometry and harmonics. He identified that the pitch of a musical note is in proportion to the length of the string that produces it, and that intervals between harmonious sound frequencies form simple numerical ratios.

Musica Universalis is a spatial instrument that investigates the resonances from far away objects in our solar system. It comprises a series of kinetic, physical sculptures, each containing a spherical form and a mechanism driving a rotating light source and speaker. Light is cast through the space creating interventions and interactions with the architecture. Oscillations slowly drift in and out of harmony within each cell and across the series. Over time, white light shifts into its component frequencies of colour. ..."

Listed in categories: Audiovisual

Soft Manipulator

By Moritz Simon geist

Listed in categories: Interaction
Screenshot of Soft Manipulator
Copyright: Moritz Simon geist

Soft Manipulator by Moritz Simon Geist

"A playful interactive installation where the audience experiments with rhythms, mechanics and objects. Everyday items like glasses, pots, as well as small music instruments are placed on a light plattform. Seven robotic mechanic devices can be manipulated interactively by the audience, manipulating the sound of the objects. The six robotic mechanics beat the objects, creating a constantly changing polyrhytmic web of sound and rhythm."

Listed in categories: Interaction
Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: GreenLightPeopleSounds
Embraceds these philosophies: CoincidenceCuriosityCreativityPlay
Screenshot of Klanglichter - an interactive audiovisual experience
Copyright: Onat Hekimoglu

Klanglichter - an interactive audiovisual experience by Onat Hekimoglu and Tobias Kreter.

"A laser harp reimagined as a controller for an interactive audiovisual experience. ...
Made with Unity, Arduino and LOVE ..."

Listed in categories: Interaction


By Lola Gielen

Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: GreySoundsThings
Embraceds these philosophies: PlayTechnologyRepetitionOddity
Screenshot of Neo
Copyright: Lola Gielen

Neo by Lola Gielen
A music instument everybody can play

Listed in categories: Interaction
Listed in categories: Others
Fits theses moodes: DIYExperimentalSoundsThings
Embraceds these philosophies: TechnologyOddity
Screenshot of RITUAL for a 3D Printer
Copyright: nikoladze

RITUAL for a 3D Printer
by Koko Nikoladze

"RITUAL for a 3D Printer is an electroacoustic musical piece composed for a machine. "

Listed in categories: Others
Listed in categories: Others
Fits theses moodes: Sounds
Embraceds these philosophies: CuriosityOddity
Screenshot of BlackHoleHorizon@Kunstverein_Ingolstadt
Copyright: Thom Kubli

at Kunstverein Ingolstadt
by Thom Kubli

Listed in categories: Others