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Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual
Embraceds these philosophies: InnovationTransformationCuriosityTechnology
Screenshot of Screenless projection experiments
Copyright: Joanie Lemercier

Screenless projection experiments

by Joanie Lemercier

"Music: U12, excerpt from Terminus Drift
by Joshua Sabin - Subtext recordings

This is NOT a hologram !"

Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual
Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual
Fits theses moodes: LightDark
Embraceds these philosophies: ArtMagicPerspectivesPlayTechnology
Screenshot of Subterranean Interactions – Part II
Copyright: Klaus Obermaier

Subterranean Interactions – Part II
by Klaus Obermaier

Interactive performance and installation – live light painting
with Klaus Obermaier's multimedia master students,
Babes-Bolyai-University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
at the catacombs of Art Museum Cluj – November 2017
Adelina Bulibasa, Vlad Colciar, Adrian Ganea (music), Madalina Manzat, Lucian Matei, Bogdan Olaru (performance), Alexandra Sucioaia
coordinating professor: Rodica Mocan

Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual


By Platige Image

Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: WhitePeopleArchitectureColors
Screenshot of BIOSTAGOG
Copyright: Platige Image

BIOSTAGOG by Platige Image and Bridge

Project Concept and Creative Direction:
Mikołaj Molenda (Bridge)
Michał Piasecki (Bridge)
Marcin Kobylecki (Platige Image)

Computational Design:
Michał Piasecki (Bridge)
Kama Wybieralska (Bridge)

Interactive Mapping:
Mikołaj Molenda (Bridge)
Adam Wierzchowski (Platige Image)
Jarosław Tworek (Platige Image)
Stanisław Gąsiorowski (Platige Image)

3D Print:
Przemek Jaworski (Jawor Design Studio)
Bolesław Telesiński (LabDigiFab)
Piotr Halczuk (LabDigiFab)
Kamila Byrska (LabDigiFab)

Ewa Brzózka (Platige Image)
Marcin Kobylecki (Platige Image)

Listed in categories: Interaction
Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: LightSoundsCommunicativeJoyful
Embraceds these philosophies: TransformationCuriosity
Screenshot of DENTIFY (Part 5 of DELETE)
Copyright: Iregular

IDENTIFY (Part 5 of DELETE) - Montreal, Canada
by Iregular

"IDENTIFY is an interactive installation conceived for DELETE, an immersive, site-specific, 4 room interactive experience for audiences from 8 to 12 years old.

A mirror on front of a mirror on front of a mirror. IDENTIFY is about looking at your virtual self, one of the multiple profiles you create online and reflects if that is really you or some one else.

Using video feedback the audience is multiplied to infinity. The feedback is manipulated with a custom software that allows for some repetitions to disconnect from the person.

On front of the projection mirror is a real mirror, reflecting the virtual infinity created by the video feedback on front of it."

Listed in categories: Interaction
Listed in categories: InteractionBodyPublic Space
Fits theses moodes: SurrealMusicColorsJoyful
Embraceds these philosophies: ChangeCreativity
Copyright: Rimiyoho


"Rimiyoho was invited by Culture & Technology Festival to perform at San Pablo Cultural Center in Oaxaca collaborating with dancer Javier Moreno, textile designer Itzel Gutierrez and Dj Jesús Pacheco to create an audiovisual experience for the festival opening. "

Listed in categories: InteractionBodyPublic Space

EGO - Mexico, outdoors

By Klaus Obermaier

Listed in categories: Public Space
Fits theses moodes: LightFunnyPeople
Embraceds these philosophies: CuriosityCreativityPlayOddity
Screenshot of EGO - Mexico, outdoors
Copyright: Klaus Obermaier
Listed in categories: Public Space