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INTERWORLDS - screengrab

By Boris Chimp 504

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Embraceds these philosophies: AestheticsTravelWorldviewTechnology
Screenshot of INTERWORLDS - screengrab
Copyright: Boris Chimp 504

INTERWORLDS - screengrab by Boris Chimp 504 (Rodrigo Carvalho + Miguel Neto)

"INTERWORLDS is an audiovisual installation where a composition of light, image and sound explores the intersections between a physical space and a virtual one. Therefore the audience can relate to the piece through the relation they build with a moving “audiovisual object”.

InterWorlds aims to make the public reflect on the relationship we currently have between the real and virtual world(s) and how increasingly the latter is present in our lives. InterWorlds can be understood as a portal to and from other worlds, a fine line between the real and the virtual, a synchronicity between this universe and [other] parallel worlds.

Realtime visuals made with VUO, sound on Ableton."

Listed in categories: Audiovisual

Acqua Alta, présentation

By Adrien M & Claire B

Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: ExperimentalThings
Embraceds these philosophies: PlayTechnology
Screenshot of Acqua Alta, présentation
Copyright: Adrien M & Claire B

Acqua Alta, présentation by Adrien M & Claire B

"Un projet qui se déploie en plusieurs temps : un spectacle mêlant corps et images ; un livre en pop-up à regarder en réalité augmentée ; une expérience pour casque de réalité virtuelle."

Listed in categories: Interaction

Still Life

By mike pelletier

Listed in categories: Audiovisual
Screenshot of Still Life
Copyright: mike pelletier

Still Life
by mike pelletier

Animation: Mike Pelletier
Sound: Dylan Galletly

Listed in categories: Audiovisual


By KOTKI visuals

Listed in categories: BodyPublic Space
Screenshot of EMBODYMENTO.
Copyright: KOTKI visuals

EMBODYMENTO. Architecture Mapping Dance Performance by KOTKI visuals

Listed in categories: BodyPublic Space

Nothing happens VR installation

By Michelle & Uri Kranot

Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual
Fits theses moodes: PeopleFuturisticExperimental
Embraceds these philosophies: WorldviewCuriosityPerspectivesTechnology
Screenshot of Nothing happens VR installation
Copyright: Michelle & Uri Kranot

Nothing happens VR installation
Michelle & Uri Kranot

Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual
Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual
Screenshot of The Future of Music360
Copyright: Greg Barth

The Future of Music360
by Greg Barth

Enter the world of Carré Bleu, an artist and composer who is shaping the music of tomorrow by creating gravity and time defying human instruments.
in this surreal pop mockumentary, Carré Bleu opens up about his exclusive music production methods.

© Copyright Hello play! 2016

Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual
Listed in categories: Interaction
Fits theses moodes: FuturisticExperimentalSurreal
Embraceds these philosophies: AmbivalenceOptimizationCuriosity
Screenshot of Mixed Reality - THEORIZ - RnD test 002
Copyright: THÉORIZ

Mixed Reality - THEORIZ - RnD test 002


"Second test of our currently in research and development technology for audiovisual production, using in house tracking system (Augmenta) and Vive VR tracking technologies with real time video and projection mapping in space."

Listed in categories: Interaction