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3D Projection

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Screenless projection experiments


Screenless projection experiments

by Joanie Lemercier

"Music: U12, excerpt from Terminus Drift
by Joshua Sabin - Subtext recordings

This is NOT a hologram !"

FLOW | Representing Nature through waves of real time data.




EMBODYMENTO. Architecture Mapping Dance Performance by KOTKI visuals

Mirages et miracles - trailer


Mirages et miracles - trailer
by Adrien M & Claire B

Mixed Reality - THEORIZ - RnD test 002


Mixed Reality - THEORIZ - RnD test 002


"Second test of our currently in research and development technology for audiovisual production, using in house tracking system (Augmenta) and Vive VR tracking technologies with real time video and projection mapping in space."

Water Screen Projection


Water Screen Projection by Anna Pytlak, Lukasz Kosela.
Presented at Factory Light Festival 2015, Norway, Slemmestad

Le mouvement de l'air


Le mouvement de l'air by Adrien M / Claire B

Spectacle arts numériques et danse.
Recherche en cours. Création le 7 octobre 2015 au Théâtre de L’Archipel, scène nationale de Perpignan.
Compagnie Adrien M / Claire B

Algorithmic Menagerie


Algorithmic Menagerie by Raven Kwok

"Algorithmic Menagerie is a continuation of and the MFA thesis work of my long term research exploring artificial life and self-organization in the field of computer-based generative art. Programmed in Processing, Algorithmic Menagerie is an interactive virtual environment inhabited by algorithmic creatures. These creatures with dynamic cellular structures are created using various methods of finite subdivision on geometric objects, and exhibit different kinds of biological interactions with each other, reaching an equilibrium within the simulated ecosystem. Audience participants are invited to intervene or interact in the life processes."

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