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Video Performance

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audiovisual performance - Klaus Obermaier


FACELESS_VOICELESS - interactive audiovisual performance
by Klaus Obermaier



EMBODYMENTO. Architecture Mapping Dance Performance by KOTKI visuals

SPACES ALIVE #mecanica


SPACES ALIVE #mecanica

by KOTKI visuals

Heartcorps: Riders of the Storyboard.


Heartcorps: Riders of the Storyboard. A live, immersive installation at Sundance New Frontier 2017
Trailer for a live, immersive installation at Sundance New Frontier 2017 by Dandypunk, Darin Basile and Jo Cattell




"Rimiyoho was invited by Culture & Technology Festival to perform at San Pablo Cultural Center in Oaxaca collaborating with dancer Javier Moreno, textile designer Itzel Gutierrez and Dj Jesús Pacheco to create an audiovisual experience for the festival opening. "

Homeless by vjsuave


Homeless by

SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe


SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe

New media art duo SWEATSHOPPE aka Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy

"Video painting is a technology the duo developed that allows them to create the illusion that they are painting videos onto walls with electronic paint rollers they built. It works through custom software that they wrote that tracks the position of the paint rollers and projects video wherever they choose to paint, allowing them to explore the relationship between video, mark making and architecture and create live video collages in real time."

Lumière II Version 2.1


Audiovisual Composition, Laser Projection:
Lumière II Version 2.1 by Robert Henke

"Lumière is an audiovisual composition for lasers and sound. The building blocks of the piece are a new type of events, a compound of visual shapes and a sonic counterparts. The work is based on hundreds of these audiovisual 'notes', to create a previously unseen and highly synchronized immersive experience. The lasers project on a large screen, partially obscured by a wall of fog, which also makes the intensive beams of light visible in the air, connecting the lasers in the back of the room with the front, forming fragile temporary objects above the audience. The special quality of the laser light allows to combine complete darkness with moments of extreme brightness, pure white with intense saturated colors and precise movements with complex organic shapes.

Lumière is a long term artistic research project, exploring syntax, meaning and narration within a newly developed audiovisual language. "

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