Ways Of Seeing (2015)

By Jerrold Chong

Listed in categories: Narration
Fits theses moodes: MelancholyPeopleJoyful
Screenshot of Ways Of Seeing (2015)
Copyright: Jerrold Chong

Ways Of Seeing (2015) by Jerrold Chong

Directed & Animated by : Jerrold Chong
Written by : Jia Lee & Jerrold Chong
Production Design : Chase Ko
Sound Design : Pin-Hua Chen
Music Composer : Cooper Babbes
Voice Actors : Nathan Nonhof
Sadie Schwolsky
Costume Designer : Jessica Dabovich
Violinist : Yvette Hernandez
Set Design Assistant : Kelly Glaubig
Additional 2D Animation : Ariel Navas
Zack El-magharbel

Listed in categories: Narration