Aarhus by Light

By Tobias Ebsen

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Screenshot of Aarhus by Light
Copyright: Tobias Ebsen

Aarhus by Light.

"Concert Hall Aarhus, one of the largest in Europe, was home for a new interactive media facade that invited guests and passers-by to encounter and partake in a new dimension of the renowned cultural institution.
Aarhus by Light was active in the months of February and March, 2008. The project has now ended, but the idea of using of media facades to enrich Concert Hall Aarhus, as well as the rest of Aarhus, lives on. We maintain this website to offer information in the project.
Aarhus by Light is a groundbreaking experiment in media facades. The project is a collaboration between Concert Hall Aarhus, Martin Professional A/S, CAVI at the University of Aarhus, and Wall of Pixels."

Listed in categories: InteractionPublic Space