An Anthology Vol.1

By Yukai Du

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Fits theses moodes: OrangeSurrealPoetic
Embraceds these philosophies: ThinkingCreativityPerspectives
Screenshot of An Anthology Vol.1
Copyright: Yukai Du

An Anthology Vol.1 by Yukai Du

"An Anthology is one of my on-going personal project.
In publishing, the word 'anthology' is usually used for a collection of literary works like poems, short stories, songs, etc. In this video, I created a collection of short animated images, each of them could be a piece of thinking, a scene of a dream, an imagination from a poet or a nonsense thought. I keep doing these small pieces when I have some time, here are the first 10 images and therefore I edited it as Volume 1.

Design / Animation Yukai Du
Music 'Fin de Sicle' Parvus Decree (FMA)"

Listed in categories: Audiovisual