Resonate - Sensing Spaces

By Felix Faire

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Screenshot of Resonate - Sensing Spaces
Copyright: Felix Faire

Resonate - Sensing Spaces: Royal Academy by Felix Faire.

An audiovisual installation commissioned for the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy for their one off "Friday Night Late" event with Portico Quartet.

"The ... project ... uses contact microphones and live abstract projections to create an audiovisual gestalt. The installation amplified and resonated the vibrations of a single staircase in the Pezo "Blue Pavilion" and broadcast the sounds to the staircases inhabitants. At the same time the information of every step, tap and impulse from inside was used to generate live visual abstractions on the external facade.
The building becomes acoustically transparent as the people outside can see what the people inside can hear."

Listed in categories: InteractionAudiovisual